About Selwyn & Ink

Selwyn is a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer of 20 years standing, and has varied portfolio consisting of books, posters, print literature, product & landscape photography, video, product design and cartography. This visual practice has led naturally to the creation of non-commissioned artworks.

With images like Corvus, Old Beady, and Swannage Selwyn developed a visual style which builds upon a lifetime of close-worked figurative patterning – previously & mostly expressed over the years when developing his commercial work.

With developments in technology, both web-based and on desktop, Selwyn has finally found a process which allows him to publish this work without compromising the detail or large-scale of his pieces.

Ink is the mysterious counterpoint to Selwyn’s visual endeavours, facilitating some, but not all, of his visual and aural output.

Please note: All artworks shown on this website will be available for purchase, whether limited editions or not – we are slowly adding them – a definitive list is available here.

Selwyn & Ink are freelancers, based in Glasgow, Scotland. Contact us in the first instance through our contact form here.